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What Is Keeping Me Away?
Is The Living I Need To Make
That’s Why I cave
And Won’t Come Up To Say
Cause I Want To Keep You Safe!

Let Me Set This Straight
Yes I Love you Babe
I Wanna Be The Provider
But Love I Can’t Serve On The Plate

Money And Food
These Are The Two Rules
Of The Game
Game Called “LIFE”
And We All Participate

Hate Or love We All Got To Play
It Runs On Coins
And Life At The Stake

It’s All About Chase
I Love You But It’s Insane
I Can’t Come Up And Say To You That’s What I Hate!

But Hey..It’s Ok!

I Love You More Than A Priced Possession
To Be Locked In A Locker
Where You Frustrate And Try To Break!

I Wanna Be The Provider
To Serve And Save
But Up Till Now Nothing So Far I Made!
That’s Why I Keep Myself At Bay

I Care!
And I Think It’s Better This Way
And It’s Fair!

When I Be A Man
I Will Come Around
I Wanna Be The Provider
But Right Now In My Pockets Nothing I Found!

Love Should Set Others Free
And Not Bring Them Down
I Love You Babe
I Wanna Be The Provider
And Keep You Safe

But Till Then
Let’s See Where This Life Takes

I Want Actions To Speak
Words Anyone Can Bake
With Loads Of Love And Care
I Wanna Be The Provider
I Wanna Be There!




Written by A.P

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