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Surrounded By Sadness, Emptiness And Void
It’s Then You Hear Your Voice
Adding To What You Feel
It Stops Every Act Inbetween

It’s The Only Time
You Get To Meet Self
When You Cry And Weep
When In Pain, Lonely
Gasping, Fighting To Breathe

When All Hope Is Lost
And Shaken By Your Beliefs
When Doubts Consume Everything You Believe
When All You See Is Blur And Bleak
Is Then Your Honest Self You Get To Meet

When You Question
To Be Or Not To Be
When You Are Criticised
And No One To Take Your Side Or Agrees

When You Are Vulnerable
And Weak
It’s Only Then
Someone From The Dark Side Speaks
Psst..Missed Me?

Say Hello!!
It’s Time Yourself You Meet!

Psst..Missed Me?

Psst..Missed Me?


Written by A.P

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