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In the night
Thinking & wondering start to kick in,
Time goes like wind

No clue of any of it-
Why am I thinking?
Rational, Irrational, motive behind everything

Question whatever there is!
Misery, Searching for relief,
My own thoughts, People Greed!

Why do they always come
When they need!
What about me!

Eyes start to burn
But still holding!
Writing & cutting on paper
Or all this cause I’m feeling lonely!?
Missing what I never received!
Thinking of life &
People With Money Still Unsatisfied

I have no clue & I am still thinking
Go back in time & Rewind history
Watch from all angles
Mine, Yours!
& It never have no ending!
It keeps rolling…

I wanna make peace!
But not that easy to achieve!
My life, My need!
My Future..What it would be?

& The history which made me!
Comes back to me!
Though I think there is no need for it!
I want my relief!

But where’s the ending?
And Where The Beginning
Questions Never End
But We Will

Questions Never End!

Questions Never End!


Written by A.P

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