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“Are You Going Through Hell
Then Won’t You Keep On Going?”

“Don’t Stop To Catch The Stones
People Are Throwing”

“All The Answer Lies Inside
The Ones Worth Knowing”

“Don’t Buy The Things
Just For The Sake Of Showing”

“Not Always Getting Older
Is Growing”

“Don’t Go As The Flow Keeps
On Going”

“Our Attitude Is The Most Controlling
You Have The Power
You Just Don’t Know It”

“Fear Is Nothing But
Out Of Proportion Thoughts Blowing
Problem Depends On
How You Viewing”

“Nobody Is Perfect
But Everyday Keep On Improving
We Have A Strategy
It’s Called Doing”

“Kindness And Character Are Most Moving
And Laughter Is The Most Luring”

“Be Most Caring And Loving
Even If People Keep On Hurting
It’s What You Do,Not What Others Do To You
Which Define What Your Worth Is”

“Dance Like No One Watching
Sing Like No One Listening
Enjoy Life Cause It’s Worth Something”




Written by A.P

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Bailey Jenson

Dont you see?
You’re hurting me?
With all this misled hipocracy?
Some have wealth..
Me? my health..
Yes i’m blessed with loving family.

How does one, catch a stone?
With no idea from whome it’s thrown?
Riddles and rhyms..
Lyrical crimes..
not “knowing” who cares??

in life i’ve learnt..
Things aren’t they seem..
Money, and war, and finance YOU scream?
I work for free..
so that everyone see’s..
Forefiting my “social” liberties..

The story is different..
So you understand..
I do not have armies..
I do not command..

I walk with the sick..
Eaten so poor..
My past a painfully open door..
But still, there you sit..
An anonymous judge..
serving it up..
While holding your grudge.

Money you say?Sure, i’ve earnt it before..
I’ll earnt it again..
Of this i am sure..

To find myself..
a way of life..
Fighting real wars..
feeling it’s strife..

Without an income..
One won’t a wife..
He can’t buy a car..
And “what” social life??

Please, tell me..
Why you believe..
In a lifestyle you obviously
cannot percieve??

I bet you the men
you date and take home..
Has cash in their banks..
And aren’t all alone..

You see.. in “branding” a person..
You refuse to talk to to..
With no thought or feeling..
For what he goes thru?

Yet still here i sit, and care for another..
Who doesn’t even have the heart to discover.
Whether a man, is a fighter.. or lover..
The truth will come out..
For it’s time you discovered.

People aren’t “just as they seem”
complexity, illness..
We “know” what debt means..
So how could you help?
A thousand thousand souls?
Without giving money?
And no soup in “your” bowl??


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