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We All Feel Held Inside
At Times Lost Our Pride
And We Try To Disguise
That All Is Alright
But Inside We Feel Suffocated And It Seems Hard To Survive

And Not Able To Describe
Why We Not Getting Up To Put Up A Fight
Not Able To Decide
And We Just Lie

But Once A While
We Get Up And Smile
Get Back Our Drive And Realize
How Precious Is This Life

We All Get Lost And Need The Guide
It Happens To All
Everything Comes And Passes By
Nothing We Can Hold For Too Long
Too Close Or Too Tight

It Losses It’s Grip
No Matter How Hard We Try
It All Drift
It All Comes Back Memories Been Clicked

The Memory Triggers
The Change In Time And Shift
What It Was And Now What It Is!
The Reality And Expectation
Don’t Seem To Fit!

We Feel Small
And Things Feel Big
We Ask The Question
Of Why Is It?

Held Up In Thoughts
Would Things Have Been Different?
If We Could Change What We Did
At Time We Forget The Reality

And Get Lost In The Mist
Forgetting The Time Is Not A Curse
But A Limited Gift!
It’s What It’s Suppose To Be
The Bigger Picture We Not Able To See

The Magic Word Is – Believe!!

We Can Cry
Or We Can Shine
We Can Get Up
Or Just Keep Asking The Why’s?

Reality Is Now!
Now Is The Time!
Expectations With Others Can Fall Short
But With Self Don’t Sacrifice Or Compromise
Don’t Fall Behind

What Do You Expect From Self?
Don’t Forget You Grow All The While
Experience Is The Best Teacher One Can Find
That’s The Whole Point!

Did You Deliver Or Not?
If Not, Then Focus Your Mind!
You Still Can Rectify
Now Is Yours
Now Is Right On Time!

Reality Check

Reality Check


Written by A.P

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