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On The Face Brutality
Of The Reality
We Try Dodging It
And Say How Cruel It Is

But Soon We Will Have To Face
It Can Help Us Make Or Break
Keep Running And Will Never Be Able To Sustain
Will Not Be Able To Make And Attain

Try To Hide And Disguise
But We Always Leave The Trace
It Haunts Us
Fills Our Void And Space
There No Escape

Try To Find But There Is No Shade
To Oneself, One Can’t Fool Or Portray
It All Falls Off The Fake Paint
The Wise That Resides Inside

It Can See Through Lies And The Charade
Face Self There Is No Running Away
Life Is The Show
World Is The Stage

Stay Put, Face Your Fears
Be Brave
See The Audience Eye To Eye
Don’t Cave

Reality Of Oneself
Have To Accept
There Is No Other Help
Realize And Get Out Of Hell

Break The Spell
Uplift Yourself

Do It Today
Sooner Or later We Will Have to Face
Get Up And Rise
Don’t Be Late

In Order To Gain
We Have To Sacrifice
It Can Makes Us Or Break




Written by A.P

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