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What is your reason to live?
First you take then you give?
What is in you believe?
How strong is your belief?

Who do you love?Who is it?
Without money will someone give a shit?
Is money we all ever think?

Why? Why to earn?
What is the need?
To fill the stomach?
Or to fill the greed?

What is your reason?
What do you believe?
Is it right to live?
Is it wrong to leave?

What if no one cares..
No matter we here or there..
Is it something wrong you ever did?
What was your reason for it?

Tell me! Tell me all!!
Give me a reason..Give me the truth..
& Make me strong!

What you ever did for others?
Did you ever feel shattered ??
Is blood really thicker than water?

How different is you & me?
Why do you wake up?
What is your reason to breathe ??

Is god really up there?
Then why do we say “No Fair”?
How many think before they act?
All I ever heard is to Hell with that!

Born & Die as consumer
Never you feel enough we had?
All this crap makes me sad!!

I don’t know shit!
Give me reason to think..
Give me power to live..
Hurt my loved ones
& I will have strength to KILL!!





Written by A.P

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