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Rebuilding – The Change We Need!

The Word “I” Doesn’t Exist In Me!
It’s “We” What We Should See
As In Humanity
Ego, Greed, Self-Pity And Misery
We Need Not Believe

It’s Crazy “Mind And Body” Scheme
That When Broken Hurts Us And We Scream
Let Go Of Self And Be Relieved
Mind Attached With Body Is Temporary
Soul Is Free, So Just Be!

The Suffering And The Pain In Which We Weep
It’s All Cause Of Change In Belief
Breaking Of Preconceived
Something Which We Once Dreamed
Now It Shatters And We Lose Sleep

The Pain Will Make Us New
Just Get Use To
Old Shatters Then Only We Will Become Better
And Will Improve

It’s A Rebuilding Process We All Go Through
We Will Suffer With Pain And Will Abstain
Till We Are Attached With “Body And Mind”
We Will Break
Be Free And Be Brave

Soul Is Eternal
And Inevitable Is Change
Soul Absorbs All In And Absorbs The Pain
Learn To Tame The Thoughts
And Pain Will Go Away

If We Don’t Refrain
Let It Consume
Let It Go Through Veins
Things That Changes Us
Are The Things Which Soul Craves

It Will Make US Stronger
And Change Our Ways
It Will Set Us Free
From Being Prisoner of The “Body And Brain”

Connection With The Source Within
A Bottomless Cave
We can Try But We Can’t Fill That Space
Try Filling Up With Material
But Void Still Remains

It Needs Silence
Then It Echos Our Mistakes
We Will Never Rebuild
If We Don’t Break!

Don’t Be Afraid
To Connect With Soul
Don’t Be “Mind And Body” Slave






Written by A.P

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