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Discover Your Desire!
The Light And The Fire!
What Lifts You Higher?
And What Makes You Cry Harder?
Discover What Are You After!

What Makes You Vulnerable
And Makes You Softer
Discover Your Fighter
The One Which Is All Night Up!

How Many Wars You Battled
Why You Feel Shattered!
With What Are You Bothered?
What Matters
And What Do You Wanna Master?

Discover What Are You After!
Know Yourself Better
Know Story Of Your Life
And Every Lesson From It’s Chapters!
How It Builds Character?

Now With Time Have You Grown Miser Or Wiser?
Or Neither?
Are You Lighthearted And Satisfied One?
Who Are You When Lights Off?
When No One Watching With Microscopic Eyes On!

Who Are You When Night Falls?
What Do You Seek And Speak
When Loneliness Calls
Discover What You Wanna Spend Your Life For!
Know Your Goals!

Who Are You, Do You Know?
With Time How Have You Changed And Grown!
Look Into A Mirror
Do You Like What It Shows?
Eyes Are The Mirror To The Soul!

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”
― Aristotle





Written by A.P

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