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Remember Me!
& I will remember you back
You don’t remember me?
Then I won’t force you that

Remember me?
& All the times he had?
You don’t recall?
No, I’m not sad!

Greedy, Selfish, Needy or We just bad?
It’s ok!
It was what it was..
Let’s leave it to that..
You walk yours,
& I will walk my path
& If it was meant to be we will be back..

NO-NO Don’t be sad!
Don’t name it & Don’t think..
& Don’t be mad!

I will rather keep you in my memories
With smile, Love & Care..
& Won’t try to  pretend
That we weren’t there..

We were close &
We were inseparable!
Now we torn like a paper
& Thrown away Here & There!

Half a story within me..
& Half a story within you
Go where you got to go
& Do what you got to do!

Find something better
& Go find something new!

Let’s leave with smile & Let’s keep it true..
Only we know what we been through
It’s all about new journeys
& I can’t walk your shoes

Remember Me!
& I will Remember You!

It was due..
Remember me
& Hey I will remember you…

Remember Me

Remember Me


Written by A.P


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