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Deliver Me From My Sins
I’m Standing Here
All The Things I Did

There Is No Coming Back
But I Heard You Are All About
Forgiveness And To Give
Won’t You Forgive This Little Man?

And Take It All Back
To Where It Did
I’m Here Helpless
Kneeling And Stretching My Arms
Your Name On My Lips

While You Look Down At Me
I Stand In Dark Abyss
I Know, I Heard
You Died For Our Sins

Stretch Your Arms
And Take Me Away From This Pit!
This Is Me Asking You
A Reason To Live

I Stand In Misery And Pain
Drowning In Regret And Guilt
Say Something!!
Where Were You In All This Shit??

I’m Sorry For All
Now Say Something!!
Won’t You?
Say Something Quick!

Save My Soul
You In The Crucifix..




Written by A.P

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