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When Your Dreams Die
Will You Be Able To Sleep?
Waking Up To The Reality
As You Scream!

Trying To Make Sense
Trying To Find Relief
Thinking Of What Could Have Been
As You Try Hard To Breathe!

Scared Of The Future
And The Way It Seems
Had So Much In Mind
So Much You Wanted To Experience And See!

Now Limited Down
Just Covering Needs!
All Seems Hay Wire
And Desires Crumbling Down To Feet!

You Feel Sorrow
You Cry And Weep
Horror On The Face
And Looking So Pale And Weak!

Why You Let Doubts Eat
Up Your Dreams And What All You Believed!
Scared You Won’t Be Able To Compete?
Were You Scared
That You Won’t Be Able To Achieve?

Isn’t What We Sow
Is What We Reap?
Why You Gave Up
Before Accomplishing The Feat?

How Human Is Victim
Of Self Inflicted Defeat!

Requiem For A Dream

Requiem For A Dream


Written by A.P

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