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Who got killed Now!?
How easy to kill     Ha  Ha!
Who cares for family & background?

Just pull the trigger &    Dhishkyaon!
Thug!  Man flatters on the ground!

How Dare You asked Few Questions?
Don’t you know who I am!!
I am This, My Father is that!
My relatives are these ,   I run a Gang!
How easy to kill it’s an open land!

Who cares for whom he was to support!
I own the world cause i wear diamond & gold!
Pull the trigger!!    Dhishkyaon!

Who shoot you?!
Just people who think they are the Law & Enforcement!
You Know I carry a Gun To Scare & shoot others!
It’s a hobby of mine,  I do it for fun!
Don’t talk Non-Sense! This pistol is licensed!

I beat cause I think, I am nothing less  than King!
I have done this & I can do that!
Now if you ask me again, there’s coming a much harder hand!

Kill for cash & splashed blood flowing like water!
You know I don’t owe an explanation,
I just have a bad temper!

Would you listen to my excuse!
I was too drunk to know what was going on!
My ego was lot higher than his family & family background!
Thug!!   Few more bodies on the ground!

Blood is not  like wine!
Taste & feel proud & exotic!
I just had something which only few can afford to gulp in!
Simply speaking I have the mullah & The Bling-Bling!

Dhishkyaon!    Dhishkyaon!
What a amazing sound……. Dhishkyaon!
Finishes ones hopes & life!
How can I keep my pride aside?
I am bigger than this teeny-tiny guys life!

Restless Guns

Restless Guns


Written by A.P

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