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It’s Not Fight With You
It’s Fight With Me
Battlefield The Mind
It Never Stops Or Pause And Just Speaks

It’s Always On
The Fighting With Self
Walking On Earth
Feeling The Hell
Hatred, Agony And Temperament

Mouth Seems To Be Quiet
But It’s A Disguise
Self Loathing Chatter Behind The Eyes
Demon Or Angel Who Will Win
Who Decides?
Battling Unconsciously Hard To Realize

Blocking The Sight
Killing The Moment
Thinking Never Dies

You Say It’s Retribution
Justified And Deserving
Won’t Mind You Stop?
I Already Heard It!

Saying The Same For The Days And Days
Already Ready For Blame Game
What’s New?
Always With A Problem Due!
Are You Sensing Self Impending Doom!?

This Fight All Wants To Win
Right Hemisphere Fighting The Left
Blows Like Wind

Trick Does Anyone Knows?
How About Let It Flow..
From Self There Is No Way To Go

Holding Onto Things
To Live In Feelings
With Weights You Won’t Cross Path Of Healing
No Baggage Allowed On The Stairway To Heaven
Let Go Of Weights..All The Burden!

Be Free
And Observe The Way You Breathe
I Promise It Will Help You Heal

Fighting With Self
Only You Are Bound To Lose
Retribution ? Is Not Against The Others
It’s Your Fight With You!

It’s Mind Against The Body
Whoever Wins Other Is Bound To Be Weak
Blowing Your Self Esteem
You Are Losing Your Sleep
You Accept Yourself And The Conditions As It Is!

Is Not The Answer
Acceptance Is What You Need

At The Gate Of Hell
Thinker Dwell!




Written by A.P

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