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Spirituality Says We All Are One
Planet Earth, Nature, Stars
It’s All In Me
I’m Just Made Up Of Dust From Them

Not Different From Him Or Her
But When We Think Of Word “I”
The Difference Occur

Understand And Smile
It’s All Aura And Vibes
Providing Energy To Our Ride
The Planet Earth
Our Pride
Let It Survive
It’s Our Duty To Understand What Is Life?

Revelry Not Rivalry
A Big Drunken Party
Noisy And Off Beat
Enjoy Sounds Of It
Life As We Live

It’s Not A War To Win
But Fight To Understand
We All Are One
It’s Our Land

Difference Should Not Create Distance
It Should Make Us Stronger Man
I’m Here To Enjoy
Hope We All Have Same Plans

Not Bring Poised Nature
But Violence
Onto Stand

It’s Not Show And Tell
But Look And Admire
The Nature’s Dance

It’s Merrymaking Never Ending
I’m Part Of It
For Some Life Seconds

We All Invited to Witness And See
Experience The Carousel Ride
The Earth For Time Being

This Ride Never Ceases To Exist
Respect Nature Of It
Just To Give
Leave It For Others
Better Than Received






Written by A.P

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