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As Long As You Can Breathe
You Fight!!
You Barely Clutching Onto Your Life?
If There Is Dark
There Will Be Light

You Don’t Give Up Without A Fight!!
Snow So Thick
Nothing There Survives
Where Tress Shakes
And Wind Blows With All It’s Might

You Stranded And It’s All Cold And Ice
Where Storm Comes And Goes
Like Day And Night
Still You Hold Onto Hope
Hold It Tight!

Every Step Danger Lurking Behind
You On The Tip Of A Mountain
And It’s Sky High
Afraid Of The Dive

Nights So Dark
Horror In Your Eyes
From Distant You Hear Voice
And Someone, Something Cry
And No Other Soul Goes By

Even If You Bleeding Inside
And It’s Tougher To Be Alive
You Just Don’t Quit And Die
You Get Back Up, You Rise!!

As Long As You Breathe
You Fight!!




Written by A.P

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