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Chained By The Thoughts
Spirit Been Crushed ,
Who Is At Fault?
Situation Or You?
Who Never Fought?

Who Gave Up And Stop Believing The Dream?
One Life One Time
Why Don’t You Listen To Spirit As It Screams?

It Wants To Be Free
No Burden Of Past
No Fear Of Future
Spirit Screams Can You Hear?

No Situation Can Bring It Down
Don’t You Give Up
Time Turns Around
It All Works Out
Don’t You Fear

Spirit Let It Be Free
It Wants To Run In The Open Field
Not To Be Trashed By Others
And Wiped By Situation
It Wants It’s Freedom
The Attitude Of We Will Never Ever Give Up

Jump Up The Obstacles
Break The Chains
Just Never Give Up
Don’t Surrender To Same

If Your Spirit Been Crushed
Never Stop Believing In Love
It’s The Greatest Power
So Don’t Give Up
Time Is Ours

Let The Spirit Scream
Let It Run Wild
Is Upon Us
If We Just Try!
New World Order Will Be Destroyed

No Hatred
But Love
And Spirits Will Fly!




Written by A.P

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