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B- The Evil,  I- Angel


Shut the voices
Shut the noises in my head
I wanna be brain dead…Dumb & deaf!
Always going back & forth
Always on a role
Dissatisfaction Uncontrolled !

Do the right, Say the right
Let the devil go
Don’t just surrender
Breath-in  Breath-out, Just Control!!

& Here goes one more story untold…
No! Don’t say that
Don’t do this
So what if wrong is happening
This life still is a bliss!

May be future holds something good
You should only smile understood!
A smile is the attitude to fight
MAN!! I am tiered alright!

You can’t give up &
You can’t quit
It’s a fight & You should always win!

BUT I been waiting for long!
How much more to hold on?

Patience is the key my boy!
You deserve the sweet fruit &
It ripes with time
With time things will unveil
But my eyes are tiered can’t you see!

I wanna quit!
I wanna sleep!
I don’t wanna fight myself no more
There’s no sanctification that I receive!

I don’t wanna think no more
Let me just sleep!
This is my home!
You are not the boss of me here!
& Please don’t follow me everywhere!

Hello Police!
A Man crashed in my brain
Please arrest him away

Yes, I will file a court case officer
My lawyer will burn his ass…I got strong evidence!
He been driving me insane.
Following me every street & Every lane!
Order order! You been charged for following this man..
You been sentenced to life time of jail

I need not be goody-goody!
Frustration collecting inside me!
It makes me wanna scream badly on your face
BITCH!! Nothing ever happened  with playing safe!
Shut up & Be Strong!
Don’t just give up..
Just hold on!

No thinking & No more!
Show the right please,
Everything is wrong!

Karma will find it’s way back to you
Do the wrong & things will turn back & bite you!

Being nice never gave me any surprise!
I wanna quit Mr. Goody job this I have decide!
So you quit?
Show me your face..I spit on it!

You can’t handle some tensed moment alone!?
Hahahaha…Can’t fight “YOURSELF” no more?
What about the huge world outside unknown?
Good & bad surprises to unfold!
Loser you are, Real scared bitch..
You can’t figure out so decided to quit!
What else you wanna ditch?

Quitting so easily!
Life is a bliss not a misery!
Yin & Yang famous theories of negativity & positivity !
Just celebrate the fact you are living!

What should I do?
To whom should I listen!?
To the good or bad one?

Mahabharat with self!

Role Playing

Role Playing


Written by A.P

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