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Try Running
But There’s No Place To Hide
Try And Look
But The Terror Creeps From Behind

Dark Memories And Thoughts
The Voice Recites
Where Will You Run From Me?
I’m Darker Than Night

Horror Strikes And You Are Terrified
And It All Comes Back To You
Time After Time
Scared That People Might Discover Your Lies
And All Of Sudden You Are Petrified !

No Matter What To Others You May Describe!
You Convince And Disguise
Sugar Coat It, Be Nice And Polite
But It Will Remain Dark Inside
Others You Might Mislead But Oneself You Can’t Misguide!

Charade For Outsiders
But Reality Lives In Heart And Mind
You Know The Truth
And Truth Never Dies!

A Place To Hide You Will Never Find
Cause You’re Running From The Voices
From Behind Your Eyes
It Will Haunt You Through Your Life

Run If You Can!
I’m Right Behind!

Run If You Can!

Run If You Can!


Written by A.P

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