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Kill the the one who taught you
Kill the one who fought for you
Care for who pleases
Care for who is cheating

My anger turned into laughter
What I thought as my own became my disaster
I still can’t believe you be this greedy
Your eyes don’t even feel guilty
You never even had curiosity

To ask me what I feel
To ask what you meant to me
Still baby this smile is for you only

You knew your job well
& job well done indeed
Deception well received
Now try & smile for me PLEASE

Ahh Here you go
How sweet this fake smile is

I smiled when in anger
I smiled when in tears
You were never here to consider the emotions
You were attracted by exterior

I know
Should have known better from the beginning
Now atleast I know what’s the problem in my thinking
I Think It Called Giving
To Undeserving
Doctors Mentioned I Was Suffering

My smile never left me
Even when you took the best of me
Do you even know
What I went through?
Did you even know It was all for you

I kept thinking when I was awake
& I screamed when things took you away
& just between us it was harder to sleep this way
Not a problem
I am working on my weak spots
Trying To Change
By The Way It’s Was Fun To Play The Blame Game

Do you know
How it feels
To love the one & that person comes for your kill
Amazing I tell you amazing feeling it is
Refreshing And I Can Feel The Bliss
Who Says It’s Shit?
It’s Totally Ok..Nothing About It Is Sick!
I Remember You Said I Crib

Pull the trigger
I can see your hands don’t shake
Man you really are brave!!
Not even had a second thought for position we are in
You thought this all was just a game
By the way it was point blank range

You thought we are just having some fun
That means for curiosity sake you must be shooting from the gun
& I got in your way
From Murder Now It Turned Into Suicide Case
Strange How Easily Things Change
See now bullet gone to waste

Now blood is all over the floor
But It killed my hate
Now Smile for me!
By The Way I Feel Great!

I Know Wounds Will Heal
Thanking you
Your Sincerely

Sarcasm Or Plain Pain?

Written by A.P

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