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Should I Steal You From The World
So I keep You To Myself
Is Love And Care
All About Possessiveness?

Should I Let You Flow
And Let You Go
Changing Into New
And Be Part Of Your Growth!

Everyday We All Learn
And Learn You Shall
With Perspective It Helps!

Love Is Needy
Love Is Clingy
Is Love All About Self?

What About Others?
Should We Not Allow Others To Catch A Breathe!
Or Should We Dictate
Announce, Command And Yell?
So That We Feel Secure, Well And Content!

On The Way To New
Should We Keep Others Held?

Lets Help Each Other On The Road
We All Grow Old
I Know What You Made Of
I Know What I’m Made Of
Blood, Bones And Flesh!

All Will Fade Away
Into Memories And Sweet Smell
Love Is To Learn
And My Love Learn You Shall

Lets Just Enjoy The Silence
It’s All Been Enough Said!

Enough Said

Enough Said


Written by A.P

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All the things are true. The only missing piece about love is the ability to choose. Without that, it would be blinding or all could be lost. Choice is almost as fundamental as blood flesh and Bones to love. It can be challenging as well There are always obstacle or new opportunities. Choice is the part of love that gives it meaning


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