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He Wants You To Sell Your Soul Cheap!
Cause He Thinks And You Believe
Money Is All You Will Ever Need
He Got You By Your Belief

Tempting You Every Step With Greed
Glamor, Power
Offered By Creeps
And It Goes So Deep

The Whole Subliminal Scheme
Striking In Your Dream
The Horror It Screams
With What Exactly Do We Deal?

Something Mysterious, Satanic
Something Supreme?
The Devil Walking The Street
Do You See Crooked Eyes And Scary Feet?

Charming Smile With Devil Beneath
Power Dressing!
Do You See The Layers
And What Is Underneath?
The Diseased!

The Attracting Force It Unleash
Attracting You Toward
As It Deems
In The End To Deceive
Charming You With How He Speaks!

Come To Me!
He Is The Devil
And We Called Sheep
Will He Be Revealed?

How Powerful Is He?
Is He Actually Controlling The Humanity?
Will We Ever Be Free
Or Damned For Eternity!?

Are We Talking About
The Fallen Star- A Deity?
We Are Talking About The Deceiver That Leads!

Tempting The Masses Into Adversity
And Not Speaking The Reality
We Are Talking About Corporate Teams!
The Ones Who Like To Term Their Self – Illuminati!

Wanting Control Over You And Me!
And For That They Go To Any Degree

Are The Testament
Of Satan And His Plans
Beware How He Treads!

Cause He Will Go To Any Extend!
Beware Of This Man!
Deal With Devil
And You Will Be Damned!




Written by A.P

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