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I’m not able to sleep
There is a fight going within me
May be I’m scared
Thinking where tomorrow I Be?

Will I go to new places?
What will I see?
Will I make it big?
Or struggle constantly

Where, What?
May be I have gone nuts
I have closed my eyes
But thoughts won’t shut

Constantly Thinking
New thoughts blinking
Keep Quiet!
Hush – Hush- Hush!

This scary rush
Feet on the ground
Heart wants to fly
People want me to play safe
But Why?- Why?- Why?

They say- You think too much
Am I not the worth?
Will I vanish in the rush?
Or be the remembered one?

How can I create the difference?
What new will I dug?
Or I be just another one on the earth..

Scary rush!!!

When will you have enough?
When will you sleep?
When will you make peace?
Scary rush – When will you hush!

Every eye is watching you!
What next will you do?
What will be your next move?

Will you take risk?
& Try break the system!
People don’t want this to happen
They don’t want risk for them…

I will question the methods
& Not follow everyone..
I’m the opposition

You want me to be another Run in the mill..
Another brick in the wall??
I have my freedom
I will make it big!
You can’t make me crawl

You can’t chain me!
You can’t tame me!

Scary Rush

Scary Rush


Written by A.P

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