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I don’t write it
It writes itself!
Willing to reach out to the world
All it want is a push, A little help!
Expression- Need to be expressed!

Sit alone & Quiet for while
& Something start screaming  murder hell!
That’s the expression
In the past it dwells

Silence needs its words
Words are silent killer
Let both of them join hands & They will never give up!

Disastrous words they need proper care!
Once let lose they destroy everywhere

Cause of a war!
Can stop a war
It motivates people & It can mind wash!

That’s the power of words,
They destroy if not stopped
Bombs falls in area to affect
Words & speeches travel non- stop to effect!

It plays with emotions!
It reaches it’s target!
Once locked in no one can stop it!

Be careful!
Once out they ain’t coming back!
Either it destroy houses
Or you stop & Think before you act!

That’s the power of expression
It’s the way you say it matters!
Words are same, On which plate you serve is KEY FACTOR!
Words are dangerous!
Learn the lesson!

They eco in mind!
Once you free they swallow your time!

Did you loose your respect?
MAN! What the hell!
You were abusing non stop
Should have taken big breath & Hold of your thought!

IT said think twice before you speak!
IT should come with logo of parental advisory!




Written by A.P

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