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Life And It’s Experience
Making Us Harsh
Situation Seem To Be Tough And Getting Hard
What Did You Ever Control?
Aren’t We Suppose To Be Gentle And Soft?

It Keeps Coming Back
Till Day We Realize
It’s Not A Fight
It Needs A Change Of Perspective
Change In Vision
Same Sight
But A Change Within The Eyes
A Free Mind

I’m Suppose To Be Free
Else Today This
Tomorrow Something Else
Will Take Away My Peace
I Believe

Apart From What Happens
I Owe Myself Freedom
I Owe Myself Health
I Owe Myself Happiness
And In Right Thoughts To Dwell
I Owe This Much To Myself

I Owe To Do The Things
That Brings Me All Of It
To Be Free In World
Which Constantly Trying To Corner Me

But I Refuse To Do So
I’m Here And Now
Here In Present
And Not In Thoughts

Nothing Is Bothersome
Nothing Is Right Or Wrong
I’m Right Now With No One Else
But Myself

I’m Free
I’m Enjoying The View
No Crashing Thoughts Like Waves Of Sea
But Drops Of Serenity

This Now Is Free From All
No Good Or Bad
Neither I’m Happy Nor I’m Sad

It’s Calm And ME
It’s Serene
In Me I Find Peace!




Written by A.P

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