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In This Life We All Are Alone
No Matter What We Are Told
Today We Are Here
Tomorrow We Be Gone!

In The End When Gates Are Closed
Our Only Company Is Soul
No Mate, But This Is Fate
And The Only Thing We Can Be Sure

No Matter How Much We Collect Silver or Gold
Or What We Own
Nothing is Permanent
And That Is For Sure

You Can Only Count On Yourself
With Words And Promises Of Others
Don’t Be Sold
Life An Experience, A Journey And Nothing More
With Many Folds

Yesterday Was Good
Today Might Be Bad
In All The Events
You Were Your Only True Company You Ever Had

People Might Change
People Might Be Fake
World Is Just A Dream
Are You Awake?

For Your Own Sake
Be Brave
Wake Up And See
We All In Man Made Cage

Break Free From Fear And Escape
And Time Will Never Be Same
We All Are Always Told Money Is On Stake
See Beyond The Illusion Portrayed

Take A Leap Of Faith
For All The Money Will Vanish
And Buildings Will Cave
Set Yourself Free

It’s Not About How Much Money We Make
But How Much Love We Create
You Are Your Only Company
We All Are Shadows Walking Towards Grave!




Written by A.P

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