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I’m Here To Provide
With Truth & No Lies
I Promise You Be Fine
I Build You A Home
I Keep You Safe
Shh..Shh…Don’t You Cry!!
Don’t Worry If You Fall
Together We Do It All
I Keep You Safe
With Watchable Eyes
Don’t Worry My Child
You Can Hug Me Tight
You My Baby
You Are My Life..
No One Makes It Out Alive..
So Why Worry?
And Why Deny?
Go Out And Enjoy..
Don’t You Worry I Will Provide
A Laugh, A Hug,
A Hand To Hold Tight
Out Of The Door
Is A  War To Survive
A World Of Crime,
Which You Can’t Deny,
Greedy Eyes From Which You Can’t Hide,
Fake Smiles Each Day You Pass By,
Confusion Within Each Mind,
The Loneliness Within Each Cry.

Come, My Baby
Within My Arms,
With Every Beat,
That Says You Are Mine,
Close Your Eyes,
Sleep Tight

I Promise You Be Fine
With All My Might
I Love You Alright !!




Written by A.P

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