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You Lie, You Cheat
Then When Caught You Cry And Weep
How Smartly You Deceive

Then Try Come Clean
With Reasoning
Justifying The Happening And Creating The Scene

“One Thing Lead To Another”
Smart Theme
It’s You Who Decided What You Need
No One Can Force One
So Stop All This Please

It Sickens Me!
It’s Not Just Me
But Every Being
The Way You Treat
And You Start Believing Your Belief

Let Me Tell You The Path Is Wrong
And You Are Mean
And Round Of Applause For The Scheme
How Smartly Plotted

But There Are Loopholes In Between
It’s Called Actions
Action Shouts Louder Than What You Can Speak
What All It’s
Can Be Clearly Seen

No You Are Not Sorry For What You Did
You Sorry For Being Caught Red Handed
You Did What You Always Wanted
So Carry On Who Is Even Stopping?

Plotting The Theme
And Saying You Had No Where To Go?
And Showing You Were Unknown?

Sorry, You Are Not Smart As You Think
Your Crime Shows
It’s Show And Tell
Your Actions Speaks Out Loud
I Need Nothing More!

The Crimes And Lies And Living In Disguise
Thinking Self As Wise
But People Are Smarter Outside

How Low Can One Dive?
Truth Always Surface
And Never Hides

It’s Show And Tell
We Seen It With Our Eyes
But You Try To Clot Brains
With Your Voice

It All Speaks For Itself
This Life Is One Big Stage
We Are Part Of Show And Tell

Don’t Pretend To Cry For Help
How Can You Want Pity?
I Don’t Understand It Well!

Thank You For Being Part Of This Show
Your Time Is Up
Off From The Stage You Go

“Show And Tell”
A Round Of Applause
For What I Saw
It Speaks For Itself!

Show And Tell

Show And Tell


Written by A.P

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