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I’m Your silent guardian
I will protect you from the evil eye
I will stay in dark
Just to see you in bright sun light

You need not know who I am
Or what I did..
But you should get what you deserve
Even if I bleed

I’m your silent guardian
I will protect you from the evil eye
Will give you the best
& Will give you all, that’s right…

I need no face for identity
I’m your happiness- Your smile
I will be what you need
& Try provide you on right time..

I am the silent guardian
Who works in the dark night
I’m the one who protects you
I’m the dark knight

Your happiness is my reward
Your pleasure is my relief

I’m the one who truly loves you
Even if it means me getting down on knees
Your smile…. is all I need to see!

Remember me as what you want
Or don’t remember me at all
But all in all
Good should triumph
& Evil should fall

Nothing ever happened by taking revenge
Or At times asking for fair
Because It’s all about perspective
What you might think as devil
I might think as care

Being corrupt is easy
Being strong in time of misery…..
Is tough!
I want you to be strong no matter what
& Wish you all the good luck

You can take it all out on me
& I won’t mind as long it makes you happy ….
I will be fine..

I’m the silent guardian
Who will protect you from the evil eye
I’m the one who works behind the curtain
In the dark night…
I’m the dark knight

May be not in the scene

Silent Guardian

Silent Guardian


Written by A.P

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