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May You Touch The Sunlight
Tomorrow Be So Bright
With Dreams In The Eyes
Curiosity In The Mind

May You Touch The New Heights
Enjoy The Sight
Planets, Moon & Stars Miracles Of The Night

Thoughts Of The Night
Let Them Take The Flight

Sun In The Morning
May It Deliver You The Smile
Another Day Of Life..

Let Go Of Chains That Hold You Tight
You Are Free As A Bird
Take A Leap Of Faith And Fly

Tomorrow A New
Tomorrow Is Due
You Can Make It Right..
Dreams Let Them Touch Your Eyes..

You Gonna Make It
Enjoy Your Shoes
You Have The Opportunity
You Will Make It Through

What’s The Point Of All This?
The Struggle To Live?
Is To Follow The Light
Remember Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

Don’t Hide…LIVE!!
Follow The Sun..
You Will Make It To Tomorrow..
I Promise YOU WILL !

Silver Lining

Silver Lining


Written by A.P

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