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Forgive Me Father
For I Have Sinned
My Name Is “Human”
With Scary Grin

Because Of Me
Animals And Forest Are Extinct
I Think,
I’m All There Ever Is

With Boundaries I Split
I’m The Sinner
The Satan Kid
Covering Earth Under Filth
Creating Pollution Where Ever I Live

Cutting Mountains And Trees
For Malls And Buildings
Ignoring The Poor
Giving To The Rich

Preaching About Peace And Equality
But For Money I Deliberately Kill
I Go In Wars
And Cause Oil Spills

Forgive Me Father
For I Have Sinned

I Manipulate And Create Corporates
And Shills
On Material And Junk Food
I Get Filled

I Divide People Into Religion
Christian, Hindu, Sikhs And Muslim

I Control Their Belief
Every Human Being
“I Cage The Birds
Who Are Born To Be Free”
Speaking Both Metaphorically And Literally

For My Benefit
I Go To Any Degree
Coming Up With Lies
And Make Believe

Forgive Me Father
For I’m The Plotter
Of The Schemes
“Christ Died For Our Sin”
-1 Corinthians 15:3

For I Have Sinned

For I Have Sinned


Written by A.P

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