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Where Does The Salvation Lies?
With Color, Caste And Religion
Humans For Ages Been Described

You Are Black And You Are White
What About The Red Blood That Runs Inside?
Humanity Seems To Run Dry

Slaves For Ages
We Are Made To Obey
And Caged In

Isn’t This All Belief Of Mind?
Won’t We Change Our Perception
The Way We Conceive The Life?
Aren’t We All One Big Family
Differences Set Aside

Why Won’t We Help Each Other In The Time?
Government With
Laws And Rule
Wars And Fights

Are We Programmed To Hate
Where Salvation Hides?
Working Day And Night

It’s All For Money!
A Concept A Piece Of Paper
Is For What We Die

Rights And Duties Been Assigned
And Not Much Of A choice
With Nationality, Color And Region We Been Defined

We Are Slaves
To The Money
And No One Questions Why?

We Are Not The Free Men
We Are In The Chains
Isn’t It All One Big Land?
With Boundaries We Are Contained

We Are Suppose To Behave
Within Society And Masses
Who Says We Are Liberates?

We Been Programmed The Same
It’s All In The Mind
Who Says We Changed?

How Longer Will We Sustain?
Looking At Each Other With Sense Of Self Pride And Hate
God And Science Always On Debate

From Helping Each Other We Refrain
The Feeling Of Superior And Inferior Remains
It’s All Money That We Obey

History Is Hoax
We Been Taught It So We Can Be Controlled
Dividing Into Regions And Religions
We Kept On Hold
No We Are Not Free
It’s Just A Show

We Are Humans Destroying
Everything Everywhere
That Comes In The Way
Shameful Race
That God Made
And We Are Not Ashamed

It Actually Never Stopped The Slave Trade
Till Date
We Are Chained With Ego And Hate
We Are The Slaves
And Money Dictates !




Written by A.P

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