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Let’s Go Inside And Solve A Case!
Solve This One Or Go To Jail!
Can You Prove It
Is It Real Or Fake?
This One Open For Debate!

I Leave You The Clues
Set You A Stage
Let Me Know What You Make!
Do You Believe It Or Not?
Or Take It With Grain Of Salt,  To Add To It’s Taste!

Answer Is With You!
So, Let’s Play The Game!

Stabbing In The House
Body Taking A Cold Shape
All Gone Black
Silent As Grave!

Silence Pierced With A Shrieking Voice
The House Shakes
Person Still Alive
But Unable To Operate!

Nobody Saw Anything Outside
Nobody Could Witness The Change
Victim Slowly Losing It’s Traits!
It All Goes Unnoticed
No Mention In Newspaper’s Page!

Nobody Saw Any One Break
Inside, Killer Knows The Trick Of The Trade
Horror Falls On The House
Darker It Gets And Becomes The Mans Cage
Dungeon And It’s Shades!

Thoughts Frighten The Person
Seems To Be Going Insane!
But There Is No Finger Print Or DNA!
No Stabbing Wounds
Only Lot Of Pain!

Changes In How The Victim Behaves!
But What Exactly We Talking Here?

No Body Can Identify The Accused – Name!?
The House Is The Top Floor
Attic As Some Say!
What Is This Place?

Tried Killing The Innocent
Changed The Victims Take
Of How World Is Perceived
Is World Cruel Or Brave?

Stabbed The Person
Yet All Goes Unnoticed!
And Leaves The Person Afraid!
Afraid To Believe The Next Person
Cause That Person Can Be Same!

What A Shame!

Crime Scene Is The Brain
Who Got Stabbed In The Play?
Vitality And Faith!
And It Goes Unnoticed!
Even If Person Be On Your Face!

It’s Killing Inside!
Person Still Alive With Memories And It’s Stains!
It’s The Belief That Dies!
So The Accused Escapes!
With Blood On His Blade!

Solve This One!!!

Solve This One!!!


Written by A.P

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