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Where Do We Start?
Where Do We End?
Are We Defined Horizon?
The Body We Live In?
Or Do We Go Beyond It?
Go Beyond Where The Line Isn’t
We Exist Everywhere Mind Shifts
And Consciousness Exist

We Are Not The Body
But The Vibes
The Energy Endlessly Traveling And Never Dies

Stamped To Work For Life
Working For Material And Still Unsatisfied

Are We Blind To What Life Is?
It’s As Much Inward As Outward
It Never Ends
The Voice Inside Have You Ever Heard?
It’s Endless Talk With The Universe..

As You Think,
Universe Shall Bring..

Void Inside, Empty And Vast
Not Satisfied With Whatever You Just Bought..
It Needs More Than This
It Needs Peace And Smile To Give..

It’s Satisfied With Thoughtlessness
The Ideas Never End
Body Is What Dies

Corporates Consuming Our Souls
For Few Goodies
We Trade Our Life

We Are The Energy , The Frequency , The Vibes
Behind The Bar Code We Been Programmed To Hide
So We Don’t Question “Who We Are” ?
Be Confined Within Body And Not Go Far…

Soul Incorporation

Soul Incorporation


Written by A.P

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