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Are We All Living An Empty Life?
The Void Inside!
Regrets And Guilts In The Mind
Thoughts Which Consume Day And Night!

All Beaten By Hands Of Time
Choking With Questions
Suffocated With Why’s?
We Got Question
In Quest For Answers To Find

We Got Society, Religion And Beliefs
And Technology On Which We Survive
But There Is Something
Distant And Detached
What And Why It Is?

Question Which Strikes
It All Seem Good
And It All Seem Fine
But What is The Point?

Of Human Existence
Should We Forget And Carry On
Cause We All Will Die?
Who Will Speak?

Who Will Recite?
The Answers To The Question
Daunting The Mankind
The Soul Searching

With Words We Want Feelings To Be Described
Isn’t Silence Enough?
Won’t It Suffice?
In Search For Answers We Filled With Noise

Who Will Realize?
Who Will Define?
Buddha, Muhammad
Krishna Or Jesus Christ?

Soul Searching

Soul Searching


Written by A.P

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