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What Are Tears?
Why Do They Fall?
With A Single Gesture
Inside We Crawl
So Many Emotions And Feeling We Instantly Recall

What Is It Trying To Say?
The Messages With Help Of Eyes
Soul Trying To Convey!

The Love And The Hate
We Try To Gather Courage
And We Break

Caressing The Cheeks
Falling With A Grace
Silence Of Soul Trying To Break

It Speaks Volumes
The Tears From The Eyes
It’s A Message To The World From The Inside

It Reminds Us Of Who We Are!
Against Life And Force Of The Universe We Are Small
Rich Or Poor We All Pass To Graves
Not A Dime You Will Keep
No Matter How Much You Make

Try Be Polite
Giving Courage And Helping Hand To Fellow Man, Be Brave!
Cause What You Do
Will Stay!

Emotions Are Always There!
And Can’t Escape
So Are You Afraid?
Thinking Of Future
And Time At Stake

It’s The Devil In The Heart
Reminding Of Who We Are!
We Are Neither Our Clothes Nor Our Cars
We Are Human Naked And Naive Inside
Rest All Is Just A Facade!

Tears Reminds Of The Reality
And Unfulfilled Dreams
The Reminder
Of Emotions We Keep

All Are Just Beings
Humans Or Animals
No One Is Supreme
And Understanding We Need To Be!

Cause Ego Will Smash
Cars Will Burn
Buildings Will Collapse
And From Self You Can’t Run

Hearts Will Crush
But We Still Have Power To Love
No Matter What
We Can Make It A Better World
Do Something For Earth
Don’t Be A Burden

When We Cry The Charade Breaks
Blown To Smithereens
A Hand To Hold We Crave

That’s When Soul Speaks Volume
That We All Are Same
And Not A Single Sound It Makes
Love And Travel In Time And Space!

Speaking Volumes

Speaking Volumes


Written by A.P

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