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Dance with me the last time
Into the night
Dance for the last time
Won’t You Join Me Tonight?
I Will Hold you Close & tight

Clouded Sky
Slowly we fall into the rhythm
We enjoy the Faded Lights
Seeing In Each Others Eyes
Memories Of Past And Passion That Shines

Fall in each others arms
Let me love you
For all we been through
& It was all good

This feels like eternity
I will remember you And what you meant to me
You in my arms
Doing the last dance

Let me hold you tight
Keep me in your memories
Everything will be fine
The way it was meant to be
It’s gods choice

For last time see in my eyes &
Say goodbye
Dance with the changing life

It’s all about coming & going
Covering The Miles
Let’s go with a smile

When The Spot Light Hits

When The Spot Light Hits


Written by A.P

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