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Scared In Your House?
Scared To Get Out?
What Is It About?
Won’t You Speak Out Loud?

You Wanna Speak
But Words Stuck In Your Mouth!
Why Afraid Of The World?
And Full Of Doubt!

Won’t You Explore?
Are You Afraid Of The Crowd!?
Their Judging Eyes And Disappointed Frown!
Are You There To Please Them

Or Are You There To Make Your Self Proud?
Uncertainty Scares You
And Makes You Shout!
Come On And Step Out

Go Head On!
Bow In Your Bout!
This Is Your Fight!
Thou Art Nothing Without

Let Your Beast Be Aroused!
Beat Your Fears Into The Ground!
Make Them Eat Your Dust!
Fight What You Fear!

Enjoy Your New Found
And You Will Be Known Throughout!
It Will Take You Around!

Come On And Step Out!
And Fight Your Fears And Your Doubt!
Life Happens
When You Are Not Afraid To Live Out!

Step Out!

Step Out!


Written by A.P

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