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Scream it!
You need to fight it back!
See in it’s eyes..
& You need to smile back!

You afraid to lose the moment?
What about all the life you have!
You gotta prove your mettle
No matter what time you asked!!
Need to learn from all the cries you had

It’s my moment & I will have a good laugh!

Dreams freak me!
Life hits me!
Now I see in evil eyes & say don’t shit me!
You hate me?
What am I suppose to do? Cry within?
Uaan Uaan! Screw you!

I spit it!
& It’s out of my system!
I pen it down
& upload it on my system!

I grow every moment now
I go out & scream out loud!
Cry out loud?
Sorry I’m gonna laugh out loud!

Difficulties gonna stop me?
Never give up spirit high in me!
HAHAHA..Only one life we live!

I’m out to prove myself
Seven Armies!
Go ahead & do the bombardment!

I know the art..
Art is to smile when you wanna cry
I’m High!
You can’t stop me


Try And Stop Me!

Try And Stop Me!


Written by A.P

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