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Let Me Tell You A Story
About Glory,
And About Future And Life
Look Deeper Into My Eyes

As I Narrate The Lines

Together We Will Find
And From It Strength We Will Derive
Lose Yourself And Realize
It’s A Mystery Of Time

We All Feel Heartaches And Pain
Times In Which We Don’t Feel Safe
We Feel Vulnerable And Breaks
Facing People Talking Of Love But Filled With Hate

Multifaceted And Charades
At Time It All Seem Insane
And Feel like Stuck In A Cage
And We Hate It’s After Taste

But This Story Is Of Change
How Knowing The Truth
Helped The Protagonist To Be Brave

Story Takes Place
Not In A Land Far Far Away
It’s A Story Of Protagonist
Who Felt Stuck Every Day

It’s A Story Taking Place Inside Protagonist Brain
Mean While Time Kept Ticking
Time Never Waits
And It’s Different Shades

Thought May Be Today Is Not
May Be Tomorrow Will Get Be A Better Shot
Everyday With Self Protagonist Fought
And Everyday Lost
Fighting But Losing From The Thoughts

One Day Realized
The Truth Is Simple And Never Hides
It’s We Who Start To Look The Other Side

Protagonist-  If I Find, How I Will Die!
Then I Will Know
Everything Else I Could Survive!
And  No Longer Be In Fright

All Die Of Old Age
So Nothing Else We Should Be Afraid To Face
We Know We Will Survive..
And It Makes Us Brave

I’m A Story Teller
Not A Future Teller
Future Is All About What We Make
And Story Is About Moral We Gain

Eventually We All Pass To Graves
Till Then Nothing To Be Afraid
We Should Face And Be Brave
It’s All One Big Game!

“Whatever Doesn’t Kill You Make You Stronger And Some Says Strange”


Story Teller

Story Teller


Written by A.P

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