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This World Is A Beautiful Place
Filled With Stupids Like You And Me
Trying To Find What To Do
And What This Life Means?

We Keep Running In A Race
Trying To Follow The Lead
May Be Somewhere We May Land
Somewhere We Can Just Be

This Place Is Cramped
Cramped With Things And Feelings
Things We Keep
To Feeling We Say – Shove It!

This Is Confusing
We Are Weird
This Place Is Filled With People
And Their Fears

We Do Things Out Of Ego
And We Don’t Even Know
Why The Rituals We Follow?
Can’t We Just Let Them Go?

May Be They Meant Something Before
And Now Their Meaning Is No More!
Our Technology Is Evolving
But Inside We Are Same Old!

Why This And Why That?
Some Cry In Misery
And We Smile At The Fact!

We Don’t See The Loss Of Others
Just That We Won A War!
We Never Realize We Killed So Many So Far!
Living In A Ego
Stuck In A Jar!

This Place Is Beautiful
But Stupid We Are
Animals Are More Enlightened
Humans Are Just A Burden

We Produces Stuff
And Destroy Our Surroundings
Instead Of Trees And Flower
We Want Concrete And Cars

No We Don’t Seem To Care For Oxygen
But Won’t Mind Purchasing Oxygen Masks
This Place Is Beautiful
But Burden We Are!

Gurus And Sages
And Ideologies
So Many

I’m Confused
To What To Think?
Should I Only Care About The Money?

Be Willing To Do Wrong
So I Earn More?
Should I Not Give To Poor
Who Can’t Afford On Their Own?

Should I Try Make It A Better Place
Treat People Equally
Or Should I Hog And Say

I’m Confused
The Places I Go
And People I Visit

Rich Are More Egoistic
And Poor Are More Sympathetic
When They Have Nothing To Give
Still Willing To Share

While Rich Are More Insecure
And Only Themselves They Care
I’m Confused
Though Beautiful Is The Place

We Are The Weirdos
We Are The Enemies And Nothing More

We Are Monkeys With Money And Guns
When I Think About It
Evolution Does Not Seem Fun

We Didn’t Evolve To Become Better
We Became The Worst
We Are Weirdos
Living On This Beautiful Earth!

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Stupid Is As Stupid Does


Written by A.P


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