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Doors closed !
On the other end clashing egos,
Yelling & screaming to see whose right

Each with it’s point of view
Voices like thunderstorm & landslide
Voices don’t seem to rest
No one wanna loose the fight!

If ones they stop, For ones they halt
If for ones they just be polite
Else no end to ego fights!

It’s always bigger than human next to you
Who will wanna loose the pride
Ego Fights
Not the human not his mind
Its the  ego fight

Anger, Rage
Abusing what a sight!
War will  not halt
Run away with peace of mind

You WHO?
Screaming  at top of voice

Things which mind can’t define!
Lets just call it pride!
On the surface differences don’t seem to settle
They run deep inside
For ones try  be polite!
Don’t go crazy every time




Written by A.P

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