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Who Shapes Society And It’s Belief?
When It’s Time To Wake And Change
Do You Still Sleep?
Are You So Naive That Every Word You Believe?
That’s Why We Are Called Sheep

Won’t You Think
Beyond The Personal Needs?
Can’t You See The Propaganda And The Hidden Greed?
Go Beyond “Me” And Think Of “We”
Stop Following Blindly The Lead

Won’t You Ask
Who Is It
Behind The Scheme?
Who Profits From All This!
And In System It Runs Deep

Won’t You Lift The Curtain
And Do You Believe Everything That Comes On The Screen?
The Media Is Controlled And Regulated
And We Are Being Deceived

In The Name Of God We Kill
We Are So Religious Beings
Do You Hear As Poor And Hungry Screams?
Choirs Sings While Many Gets Killed

Do You Follow Orders In A Blink?
Won’t You Stop To Think? Why Is it Happening?
Is It Important To Kill?
Instead Of Oppressing Their Voices
Together We Can Sing!

But Media Controls And Society In It’s Hold
Brain Washed And Calling Them Bold
Cowards Who Wants Control
Dividing Society In Many Fold
So They Can Control More And More

That’s All This For!
Human And Natural Resource
All Are Cut Down To Pieces Or Blown

Media Is The Devil That Lures
Subliminal Messages Are Thrown
And With Hate Inside Which We Never Know
Or Are Sure, We Grow!
Be Careful Of What Is Shown!




Written by A.P

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