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Human Nature Is A Mirror!
Mirror Of The Most Transparent Kind!
One’s Actions Will Speak Exactly
What’s On His Mind!

Look Into It And
Feast Your Eyes!
Even If One Builds His Truth On The Lies!
And Try To Hide

In Doing So
Truth Comes By
He Will Reveal More And More
More Than What He Wanted To Put On The Line!

Cause One Is Never Able To Decide
How Effective Is Their Disguise!
Giving Himself Up
In An Attempt To Find
– The Answer

Running Left To Right
Questions And Doubts
Will Eat Him Through The Night
Each Answer Will Bring Two More Questions
And More And More He Will Criticize!

And Nothing Will Satisfy
Cause When One Is Wrong
One Knows It!
And He Wonders If Others Might Too Recognize!

He’d Fantasize
The Situation And Idealize!
Making Plans Of How He Will Handle It
From His End, Story Of His Side!

And One Will Never Realize
That In His Attempt To Hide
He Revealed More Than What He Like
They Give Themselves Up!!
It’s Just A Matter Of Time..

“Three things can not hide for long: the Moon, the Sun and the Truth.”
― Gautama Buddha




Written by A.P

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