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Are You With The God?
Are You With The One?
Have You Given Up Your Teachings?
Let Go And Be Undone!

Have You Given Up Your Fears?
And Talks Of “I” And “You”
We All Are One
The One With “HU”

Stop Giving Names To Nameless
The Emptiness
That Exist And Will Be
The Reality As We See
All The Make Believes
Be The Truth Seeker
No Ego Or Jealousy


Let It All Go
Just Unlearn
Move Towards Love And Devotion
Let Go Of The Mind
Before We Live
We Need To Die Once

No Recognition Of The Past
No Fears Of The Future
The Ego Of “I”
Bury It Under Love And Surrender

And Be Born Again
Let The Mind
And Know We All Are Same

The Lights We See
Darkness In Which We Sleep
What’s In The Name Of God?

It’s “HU”
It’s “WE”
It’s The One We All Dream

Give Up The Names
And Be With Divine
Mystic Resides Inside





Written by A.P

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