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Can you Summon Your Talent And Will On Cue!
Can You Deliver When It’s Due!
Will You Get Up And Focus
To Come Out Shining New!
Or Will You Be There With An Excuse

Why You Didn’t Do!
Do You Got The Eyes
To Figure Out The Clues
Solve The Puzzle
And Be One Of The Few

What Are You Made Of Prove!
Prove Your Mettle
It’s Time To Put It All In
And Reap From The Effort!

What Happens
When You Decide
Do You Create Magic
Or Do You Run Dry
Before Crossing The Finish Line

Summon Your Will
Summon The Courage
Don’t Run Away From It!

It’s Time To Deliver
Better Than Before
Do You Let The Pressure Take Hold
Or You get Up And Take Control
In Pressure Don’t Fold!

Make Sure
To Believe And It’s Yours
But Nothing Comes Free
Show This Is What You Are Made For!

You Ready To Sacrifice?
To Rise
Don’t Be Afraid
Don’t Be Shy To Go Forth

Summon Your Demon And Show
Your Devil Mode
About Your Spirit
Let Others Know

Summon The Devil
Get On The Board
Isn’t It  All About Will And Determination
To Rise And Go!?

That Makes You Swim Against the Flow
To Ride The Bumpy Road
Simply Answer
Yes? Or No?




Written by A.P

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