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We Are The Damned!
Sword Of Damocles Hangs
Below It The Human Stands

With Arms And Nuclear Weapons We Build
And Wars We Plan
Killing Each Other
So To Conquer Piece Of Land
This Is The Best Of Man!

Unaware Of The Reality
We Are Damned For Eternity
Money And Vanity
We Are The Enemies

Aren’t We One Big Family?
Killing Each Other Furiously, Needlessly!
Fighting Ferociously!
The Sword Of Damocles Dangling
Over Humanity

Filled With Jealousy And Apathy
Dividing  Everything In The Name Of
Countries, States And Cities
And Talking Religiously

Why Can’t Together We Live Happily?
So, What If You Look Different Than Me
So What If You Have Different Belief!
Can’t We Respect Each Other As Individual Beings?

We Are Trapped In A Scheme
And We Don’t Believe
That We Termed Sheep
Ready To Cut Each Other
On The Commands Of The Creeps
Also Know As Illuminati

Wake Up Quick, Why You Sleep?
Can’t You See?
The Sword Hanging Dangerously
The Sword Of Damocles

Killing The Earth
Making it Harder To Live
Remember We Are Damned And Can’t Leave!
Wake Up Before We Get Killed By The Greed
The Nasty And The Mean

It’s One For All
God Is Same
No Matter With Which Name
You Call

Wake Up, Before Heaven Falls
It’s Human Fault
Blinded By The Things
Ready To Kill Each Other On A Blink!

The Sword Of Damocles
The Thread Getting Thin
We Stand Below It
Without Realizing Anything

Sword Of Damocles

Sword Of Damocles


Written by A.P

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