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I Wanna Know What You Feel
When You Talk To Me
What Goes Inside Your Brain!
Can I Breathe The Way You Breathe?

Can I Synchronize With Your Feelings?
That Nothing Need To Be Said
Can I Live What You Think
That I Understand What Goes In Your Head

Silence Will Tell Me All
No Presumptions, No Assumptions
And No Faults

The Thoughts, The Mind
Your Feelings Undefined
When Among The People
Yet Something Is Detached
The Life Inside

Can I Understand?
Will I Be Able To Synchronize
At Times It’s Something What We Speak
Yet Something Else That Goes In The Mind
We Living In The Society
Yet Detached In Our Life!

Can I Understand?
Can I See Through Your Eyes?
Is It Really Complex
The Wither Of The Time!

What Are We Searching?
And I Wanna Know Why?
Are We Told So
To Do So, So We Comply!

What Are We Here For?
We Don’t Know!
Yet We Keep Doing And Never Deny!

Will I Ever Be Able To Synchronize
We Collect Money, Power
And In Pursuit We Die

Something Seem Detached
Is It The Higher Voice?
A Silent Presence Between All The Noise

Together We Are One And Whole!
It’s Story Of One Called Body And One Called Soul!




Written by A.P

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