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The Irrational One!

No Matter How Close You Are! There Is Always One Part Which Is Far And Distant No Matter How Intently You Sit This One Won’t Listen! Lost In It’s Own World In It’s Own Thoughts Which Flickers Within Us And Beyond Reason Sees All And Feels All Always In It’s Own World Of Emotions Detached… Read more »

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Life And It’s Questions!

Why Are You Vexed With Me? Why Are You Staring So Annoyingly Can’t You Believe What You See? Are You So Disgusted With Reality? If, I’m Not All Good But I’m Not As Well All Mean! Why Do You Forget About The Smiles? Why Do You Only Remember The Times You Weep? Do You Judge… Read more »

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Anger Management!

Are You Angry Time To Time! Emotions Attack Your Mind Narrowing Your Sight You See It All Blurry And Can’t Define! What Is Infront Of Eyes Thoughts And Desires You Can’t Fight No Control Over Oneself Towards Emotions You Inclined Eyes Lost The Sight, Mind Is Blind It’s Emotions Controlling You Making It All Seem… Read more »

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In This Life We All Are Alone No Matter What We Are Told Today We Are Here Tomorrow We Be Gone! In The End When Gates Are Closed Our Only Company Is Soul No Mate, But This Is Fate And The Only Thing We Can Be Sure No Matter How Much We Collect Silver or… Read more »

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The World Is Full Of Evil How Can We Deal With It? Crimes Are Committed Freely! Greed Prevails And People Easily Give In! For Benefit Human Goes On Killing! Killing The Trust Killing The People Killing The Phrase – “Believe Me” And It’s Meaning! The Word Humanity Is Ruining By Humans And His Doings Human… Read more »

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Day To Day

Things Were Amazing It Was Great Now It’s Different And That’s What We Hate We All Try Finding Reasons And Validate We All Need To Stop The “Was War” And Simply Put- Things Shift And Change It Was, What It Was! But Life Keeps Moving It’s Way It Won’t Stop It Won’t Halt We Need… Read more »

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Thank You All For Being There Thank You All For Blessing And Prayers Thank You All For The Gifts I See I’m Talking About Experience That I Carry With Me Thank You All For Your Time Wonderful Surprise! Cause Of All What Happened Till Now I Feel The World Is Mine! Some Came & Left… Read more »

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Ocean Of Grief

Won’t I Get Up? To change The World Where Animals Are Killed And I See Less And Less Flying Birds Where Trees Been Cut To The Ground Greed Prevails Plastic All Around Where Nature Seems Of Lesser Value And Money Is What Everyone Counts! Where I Hear Slaughter, Grief And Sigh Sounds Where Buildings Are… Read more »

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Cutting The Umbilical Cord I Can’t Breed You Your Ego And Greed I Can’t Feed You You Treat Me Like A Foot Mat And You Want Me To Greet You? Just To Be Clear Sorry, I Don’t Need You! Your Lies And Images I See Through All The Things You Portray I Know, No! They… Read more »

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Plunge For Better

Now I Start, Inside I Suffocate A huge urge to make my way! I Take the Plunge Falling from sky realizing I’m Hurt! Wounds open wide Flashback from the life I see a boy Who wanted to make big! Dreamed so high.. & Never realized to what to stick What he actually wanted Where to… Read more »