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Is He Under Your Skin? Or Under Your Bed? Where Does It Resides? The One You Most Dread! Are Monsters Suppose To Be Alive? Or They Suppose To Be Dead? You Try To Avoid And Not Think But Always A Failed Attempt You Just Can’t Neglect! It Threatens You And Builds In Your Mind A… Read more »

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Cutting The Umbilical Cord I Can’t Breed You Your Ego And Greed I Can’t Feed You You Treat Me Like A Foot Mat And You Want Me To Greet You? Just To Be Clear Sorry, I Don’t Need You! Your Lies And Images I See Through All The Things You Portray I Know, No! They… Read more »

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Plunge For Better

Now I Start, Inside I Suffocate A huge urge to make my way! I Take the Plunge Falling from sky realizing I’m Hurt! Wounds open wide Flashback from the life I see a boy Who wanted to make big! Dreamed so high.. & Never realized to what to stick What he actually wanted Where to… Read more »

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When The Spot Light Hits

Dance with me the last time Into the night Dance for the last time Won’t You Join Me Tonight? I Will Hold you Close & tight Clouded Sky Slowly we fall into the rhythm We enjoy the Faded Lights Seeing In Each Others Eyes Memories Of Past And Passion That Shines Fall in each others… Read more »

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Crime Scene

I killed my own with gun in my hand! You call them relationship, I choked them to death! It was hard to stay & It was hard to leave It was hard to hear as people speak The hardest thing I had to do You called me your own But just came for benefit of… Read more »

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If I be gone, Will you be satisfied with your life? If yes! Then my friend goodbye- goodbye! If I be gone, Who will wipe the tear from your eyes? Things will change in years down the line I will vanish & Just be a memory! Just a blur picture, Hanging like a scenery You… Read more »

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Note To Self

Everything is good, Everything is bad! Either you could cry, Or You could laugh! Smile with pain & Go insane Once betrayed it’s never the same Show me your eyes & The craze! Let your eyes convey you name “Attitude” is my name & It always change Madly in love with all the phase Sadness,… Read more »

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Love Game

Tension Rise! I’m up all night.. Why won’t! Why won’t you reply? Am I thinking too much? Am I being naive? How can I be practical? When I am loosing my sleep.. Did something happen in between? When did I lose you? A while back we were close BUT I DID CHOOSE YOU!! Silent game… Read more »

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Life In A Day

In All The Moments Of Mess There’s Moment Of Life… From Moments of Doubts To Feeling Of Being Alive… Smile For The Day You Just Survived! All The Suffocation, Frustration & Moments Hard To Deny.. High Five For What You Just Survived.. Full Moon & Calm Soothing Light From Hot Winds To Great Heights Bow… Read more »

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Free From The Lies Fake Smile & Disguise Now I Can Fly.. Not Bound! & I Can Deny… I’m Free Cause Of The Truth.. I Never Understood! Why Blind Yourself? With Lies… Be Pumped Up With Fake Sense Of Pride Free Cause Of Truth I Can Fly! & Everyone Should! May Be It’s Hard!& It’s… Read more »